masculinity, poetry

Home but still searching

Soft glow of shop fronts

A night with teeth

Tired to the point of drunkenness

But the day is done

Give cigarettes to the

Crumpled men in doorways

Because I’ve peered into

The dark spaces they make home

And found my own corners

Unoccupied but waiting

So I endure

Indifferent employers and

Rejection thick and constant

But I conspire towards

Freedom and a safe trip to

Happier states even as my smile


Like the flowers

And they too

Come alive

As do i

beauty, love, masculinity, poetry, women

Here, here, here

No time wasted in idleness

If my life is a game

Played with such intention

I forget it’s not real

Then as the difficulty rises

So I unlock new abilities

Sensitivities and


All is study

Sharp but not cruel

My thoughts take flight

and it is all,

In the diffused daylight



But you, warm and resting,

Call to me without speaking,

And that too

Is play,

So I finish a coffee,

An exquisite detail

To a moment platonic

In its perfection

And you are adjacent

Here, here, here.

beauty, love, masculinity, poetry, sex, women

Sweet prayers

Never sure

If I’m divine inspiration

Or demonic warning

Perhaps a hairs breadth

Between them

Sit still with animal


Dionysus making other plans

And sometimes I

Touch you and you recoil

Too much energy

At too tender a time

I would render you

Into the woods

Take you amidst the

Leaves on a found altar

Over and over again

Raw with it

And in so doing




All the same

All served

Coral pink kisses

Sweet and damp

Serving as prayer

masculinity, poetry

An appropriate manner of ending

Should the breath

In my lungs grow

Too clotted

If my blood grows torpid

Fetid to look upon

Too sick of life

To pretend empty

Isn’t better

And rather than pretend

The end isn’t inevitable

But my disdain is reserved for

The thought I won’t choose

Some stronger way to pass

beauty, masculinity, poetry, women


I get the impulse

To break

To fall to pieces

But no one will pick up

The rubble

And reassemble me

So I hold


Endure until such time as

The taste of destruction fades

And peace returns

Like a sunrise after an insomniacs


Stronger for it and

Kinder to those who bear the marks

Of staring into the storm

And letting the best things

Come to pass

beauty, love, lust, masculinity, poetry, sex, women

Crowned by the dawn

All the warmth and joy without

Having to be furtive in pursuit

A languid pace

A child’s idling walk

Busy, at times, to the point

Where I can hardly catch

My breath

But I surf or spread wings

Of persistent purpose

And take to the skies

I could run naked

Into the woods.

Howl with such joy

Make a bed of soft leaves

To take you upon

Weave flowers

In your hair

And the ones on your head

Sniff and stroke

Rough fingers, made damp

With skill

Coax high whispers of delight

As I took possession

But first,

Tea and lunches packed,

Shopping lists,

Crowned by the dawn

With work already done

And I tell you nothing

But show you

Each and every time

beauty, love, masculinity, poetry, women

Weekend Omnibus

So, posted some advice and lifestyle information in the last day or so, and I’d like to know what you thought about them?

Purpose and Mindset (Advice For Men)



So, there’s been less this week but it is due to some focus on longer projects, which I am planning to make available in return for money.

Day and date

a season