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If I came home with

Good grades in English and Drama,

He’d sneer and ask why I couldn’t get them in maths,

Made me sit at the table,

Before congealing meals,

Until I finished or mum,

Would intercede,

She left him because of me,

Put herself through hard times,

I’ve never been able to express

How much it meant to me,

I saw him yesterday,

Wizened like a rotten apple,

In a mobility scooter,

I’d long since let go of the anger,

Like taking off shoes a size too small

I said hello and caught the bus

To work,

My life is good now,

And I became all he resented,

And all he was,

I wish him peace because there were

Are other fathers I’ve learned from,

They’re here, when I look in the mirror,

And my mum is fine,

I’ve learned from him,

And I wonder if he saw,

How I met his gaze,

Without anger,

And the way I carried myself,

As I walked on.

If not, it doesn’t matter.

I chose myself and those I love,

Over hating him.


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A beast breathes.

Loud in ignorance,

Stuffing down the chaos

Until it clawed at the lining

Of my stomach,

Blood was cold,

Couldn’t feel my legs,

But I kept walking,

Determination being the

Most valuable trait left to me,

But the beast had never sought

My ruination,

Only acknowledgement,


And so in endless twilit

I listened, heard the inherent pleas,

Found within me

The means to bring it to the


Quieter now but not from a lack

Of things to say

But action speaks more eloquent

And when you beg I slip my collar,

Ravish you without restraint,

It is me without pretence,

Baggage smouldering outside,

Here and open to leave

Marks and suffused you in

Dizzying lust,

Read fairy stories and fix

Things without being asked,

When I am not there,

Open the window,

Hear the roar of the wind,

It is my breath

Calling your name.



beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women

Secret Mansions

Rough with want,

Aching too much

For anything but holding,

But even there,

I give the gift of my strength,

My silence,

Blessing the space

I give you what you

Wrap yourself around me,

Tight as you can,

I breathe through it,

Your goodness, subtle and involving,

Goes to my head like smoke,

Slow strong hands,

Grazing down your back,

Mellow and quiet,

Watching the play of shadows,

And your cheek against my chest,

Fingers grazing my beard,

Cigarette long since dead in the

Ashtray because you’re my drug,

Right now, and I only fight sleep

When I know I can win,

Falling into one another,

Without moving.

Other than a long, slow

Kiss goodnight

A key to the mansions

Of my mind slipped

Beneath your pillow.

All you need do is open the door

Come to my bed, baby girl,


beauty, love, masculinity, poetry, women

A day of battle

Trees like arterial maps,

Stark and cold,

Yet the beauty holds firm,

Bracing in spite of the call

To remain close

Against your butter soft skin,

But I draw my sword against the day,

Things to do,

With allies cheering me on,

Detractors staring whispers,

Which would slip between my ribs,

Were I a slower warrior,

A less able magician,

A clumsier and indiscriminate


A weaker king,

Such elements might break me,

But the cold frames the

Beauty and to steal appreciation,

Like promethean fire,

Lends clarity,

And when I return,


I will share such treasures,

Scatter coins onto the sheets,

Drape ropes of pearls

Around your neck,

Kisses lit like birthday candles,

Touches loud as fireworks,

But I cross the field of battle,

Brothers holler their joy

As I join them,

But I fight to days ending,

And the dancing light

Of your eyes,








beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women

Bear Mask

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Knight Rises, Dragon Breathes

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the day

The day,

Ahead, tight and brilliant,

With cold,

Another challenge,

A test as in all aspects,

A man is tested,

Leave the ramshackle

Warmth behind,

Out into the day,

My shield arm is strong,

My sword sharp,

Feeling the bite in

My fingertips,

Make fists without skin

To caress,

Make use of my actions,

And continue

My path, not blocked

Nor befouled,

But upwards,

And I have the strength

To walk it,

Without games,

Or flittering shadow,

To distract me from it,

Centered and supple,

Restored to myself.