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Weekend Omnibus – Poetry


Summer Remains

A beggars meal

The Light You Arrived With

Autumn Ghosts

the words were there


beauty, masculinity, poetry, women

faint bursts of a defiant something

Cold, quiet morning

The faint bursts of something

Sat on a branch

Singing in defiant bursts

Despite the chill

Which keeps the doors closed

Would I sing with such joy?

In the face of bitter, biting chill?

How I might roar,

Plumes of breath

Spilling like unguarded secrets

To run, to play

Despite each second of cold,

Its rough caresses

Making me shake

Like a virgin crossing

The marital threshold

Sing, my friend,

Here, let me pass

A single flame

We shall endure,

Such as we are

With what we have

For whatever time


beauty, love, masculinity, poetry, women


Lot from within

The softest flicker

A conflagration

Sometimes both

The flaws


Of easy humanity

Still moving through

Each moment

Certain and still

Gaining momentum

Run your fingers through

My beard

Whisper warmth until

I growl with quiet, fluttering


Such a simple idea

What wonders lie within 

Being seen

Smiled upon

As though I am

Some kind of prize

beauty, love, masculinity, poetry, women



It is all a game

With one rule

You must never be boring

Whilst also being

Calm and stable

Able to bear chaos and confusion

With a warm welcome

Wrestle the titans to the earth

And bring their arms behind

Their back

Until the snap of bone

Louder than a frustrated teacher’s


But it is a game

Played with such focus

It is impossible to tell 

Whether it is a game



But you play nonetheless

Resist the temptation to change


Because when the lines snap

And the silence realised its 

Potential as the signs

They’ve checked out

A roll of the dice

Thrown by your intuition

But all the games

Bitter and dark

Have one weakness

You’ve never





beauty, love, masculinity, poetry, women

You And I

We sit

Same warm brown eyes

Equal amounts of silver

In the beards

‘So what did we learn?’


I think I found God

After a fashion

And beneath his gaze

Real or imagined,

It did not matter

Some parts of me


Others thickened

I am leaner

Kinder to myself

But new hungers awoke

Whilst the compass 

Pointed to my true north.

And still

I remain

Acute to the bitter bubbling away

Of chaos

But couched in the armour 

Of purpose

I can lift my sword in defence of


Those who I love,

Near and far,

‘What about you?’

I still exist,

A tenant somewhere,

Perhaps a ghost in a dream house,

But leave me with your interest in

Self destruction

And the taste for t shirts with logos

‘I love you ‘

As you should,

I’m gorgeous. 

One fades

And well, 

I’m not even here,


(And this will get me exiled from

Many a perfumed garden)




A single word,

And we can never be strangers

To one another,


And I.

beauty, love, masculinity, men, poetry, women

Persistent buddha, gentle bear

This year

Tried to break me

With anguish

Pleasures so acute

They were indistinguishable

As a mute singing

To their gods

The impersonal furies

Their heartfelt heralds

Sought to carve their names

Into my bones

But here I remain

Further forward

Despite a glacial pace

So deep it made me wonder

If I moved at allmade

But I look back

See the scarred ruins 

Look down then up

The wine of persistence

Sweet on my lips

Still, reach beneath

My shirt, rough palm 

Against a heart which holds

rhythm no matter how off the time 

the world appears

I remain





And sat, smiling as 

I consider how 

Little frightens me anymore

And when I hold you

It is with the strength

Of grace

Remember, my love

I can endure anything

So let your winds howl

the rains fall

And my smile

Persistent buddha

A bear, gentle even as I lick blood

From my teeth

Nostrils aflare

At the honey of your 


love, masculinity, poetry, women

A quiet coronation


See past it all

Diving into an ocean of self

Without getting wet

But soaked in the flow

Strength without need

Supple to the breeze

Accepting of the wind

And the glory was mine

A quiet coronation

And a kingdom to care for

Territory maintained

Secret caverns open to the invited

And so, today,

I ruled in peace

Won battles without drawing blood

Sit with me,

Share your victories today,

I will listen with

The warmest interest

Without flinching in fear

Or need