The Opportunity

Neil looked at the squat white tubs of nutrition powder, stacked in the corner of the garage like decapitated Lego heads. He sucked down the last of his power shake and paced to help him think. Christine called his name from the kitchen. 'Be right there.' he said. Tommy hadn't returned his calls. David crossed … Continue reading The Opportunity


Two Pages (07/10/16)

Lawful Evil is going well, as I've self-diagnosed that writing takes my mind off my discomfort more ably than any medicine. There are always the two pages done in the morning, which is my main writing time, but I find myself returning to it later on in the day. In the evenings, I am editing … Continue reading Two Pages (07/10/16)

Two Pages (05/10/16)

I ended up writing at around 0230 this morning. I had a minor surgical procedure, and in my usual hopeful bravado, neglected to consider what was actually coming in terms of pain when the local anaesthetic wore off. The answer is agony each time I swallow, not that you were asking the question. I tried … Continue reading Two Pages (05/10/16)

Two Pages (03/10/16)

Yesterday was a major sprint in times of development of my writing projects. I had not intended to finish the notes on Until She Sings, but between Saturday night and Sunday morning, I had gotten ahead of myself and completed the work. Lawful Evil gets worked on daily, and even that warranted three pages. I … Continue reading Two Pages (03/10/16)

Two Pages (09/09/16)

This morning was about inserting a scene to bring in someone from the initial thumbnail at the start of the book and to fill an interesting question/plothole that got raised during the writing. It also allowed me to expand on some observations about the protagonist's mother, who is the antagonist of the 'internal' plot so … Continue reading Two Pages (09/09/16)

Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere 31/03/2015

So today felt lighter and I got some of my swagger back as I've moved past the slump and onto something new. It's a balance because I want to build tension, show that the protagonist is taking action (sounds obvious but how many books/films have pointless farting around to pad out screentime or page count?) … Continue reading Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere 31/03/2015