He sat in the coffee shop, nursing an oversized black coffee with a medicinal dash of cinnamon, fingertips straying to pet his unkempt, winter growth beard as he wrote in longhand, pen caressing the thick, yellowing pages of the journal. He peered over his spectacles and stopped writing each time the doorbell chimes to announce … Continue reading Nexum


Snow Day Corrine's day started as a low grade headache as she looked out at the window and saw the flurries of snow ¬†She massaged her temples and swallowed. Her tongue was thick as she scraped the edge of her front teeth over it. Corrine looked at the bruising under her eyes from too little sleep … Continue reading Snow Day

Eight Years Rehearsal

He had left before I awoke, pausing only to kiss me on the cheek and leave me a cup of tea. It would be too cold to drink by the time I woke up, but I appreciated the gesture. My house had seen dark times, none of which he had been privy to, but his … Continue reading Eight Years Rehearsal

The Door Is Always Open   1.   Gloria had been at a book launch for one of her clients, promoting a bombastic thriller which played on modern female fears with the exacting due of a spreadsheet, when she bumped into the woman. She was ostentatious and feline in her long purple dress and headful of loose, auburn … Continue reading The Door Is Always Open

An Ocean Communion Ursus looked up and ¬†watched a lone gull battling against the wind before he brushed the sand from his robes and got to his feet. It had been a long night awake, meditating on the ocean before him and his eyes burned with fatigue. He adjusted the belt on his robe and picked up … Continue reading An Ocean Communion

Down By The Pier   Jenny was wiping down the counter when she watched Shirley hobble to the end of the pier, a carrier bag of stale bread swinging from her left hand as she looked out at the sunset.   The burger bar was hot, uncomfortable work and she went home each day with a fresh burn … Continue reading Down By The Pier