I want to make A mess of you Fuck you into Smithereens Not from an absence Of understanding, Its opposite, To see your hair Spread out  Wrapped around my Hand as I whisper My instructions, Each thrust Is a prayer To the hunger Making you beg, Baby girl, Thrash heavy thoughts Into light, glorious  Feeling, … Continue reading Mess

Magic Words

Just say the magic words Smile to show me the face Only I've seen Hidden from view, But still mine, all the same, Tell me how your mouth tastes when you say My name

To, At, For.

Sat there, Quiet and about my purpose, But I look across, You catch me, and you see beneath the calm To the surge of feeling beneath. Sometimes you laugh it off, With me, not at me, You test me but only so I Remain calm in the storm Of your being But you see in … Continue reading To, At, For.

All The Lights

All the lights Oceans of people And I don't see anyone But  You As the year draws to an end Building empires From the ruins Stronger and quieter Than before Armoured in self knowledge quiet companion Without needing Because last year alone And I survived that  Drank A deep draught of rejection Knowing I would  … Continue reading All The Lights