love, poetry, purpose, women


Suns first blush

Letting you sleep awhile

Stealing away to the page

But I’ll return

This is no secret

How I’ve always known

This connection to a process

I’ve worn as armour

Laid beneath like a blanket fort

And you’ve never sought to

Steal it from me

So here, between pages,

A kiss of phonemes and analogies

Fresh hot tea

And the spry quiet expression

I have when I’ve attended to

The grand works and so here

My attention, offered and accepted,

Steal back to bed and close my eyes

Breathe you in

As you move towards

Me, compelled by gravity

Of fulfilled purpose

beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women

Sword and Sheath

My sword is sharp

Raised high above my head

It cuts through the tendons of

My weakness

Heals in passing

Even as it leaves scars

But oh how you

Are its sheath and without

A place to rest

The edge never dulls

And it turns on me

In its thirst for release

Let me plunge it deep

With the force of my attention

There, I shall rest

A moment’s oblivion

And a reconnection

To the gentle man I can

Sometimes be

beauty, love, poetry, women

A rock amidst a storm

Rain washes away

The dirt of past transgression

Lightning scorches

Gouges glowing lava bright,

When there are cracks

Your gales test them to

See if they can be widened


Laughing at your hailstones

Even as I’m burnished by

The play of your storm

You drift away

But return and

Find me stronger and hardier

For the expression

beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women


Your voice

Sounding like it’s


Suckling like

A loving snake bite

Pinned beneath my kiss

My lips swimming

Within the sweet wine rivers

Of your skin

Flat tongued caresses

Casting spells into your


As a gourmet on their deathbed

Dreams of a perfect final meal

The urge to live

And die in this raw, delicious


beauty, love, lust, poetry, sex, women

Say My Name

To swim in the

Warm waters of your ocean

To slide roots

Into your yielding earth

My tongue

A gentle brand

Leaving marks of

Coruscating delight

On and within you

No part of you

Stays my advance

And I am relentless

Animalistic in my control

I lay my weight upon you

Take you and fill you

A vessel for the divine

Pantheons pass between us

And in this cycle

We die and are reborn

In the same skin

I’m hungry without

Desperation but the want

Sings hosannas and I hear

The siren call of your skin

Say my name

love, poetry


Aching from

The slow, hot fight

Against the day



Your hands on the muscles

Taut from action

Fingers against my fur

Don’t hold back

I am replenished by

The struggle

And the tension

I am quiet in my own way

And where I falter

I rise again in an instant

Harder, forged in the heat of

Feedback for my worth

Grows by contemplation

And appreciation

So attend to me

In touch and word,

The sun is fading and

We can watch the shadows

Wax by the hour.

love, poetry

Try, despite everything, try.

Sins pay forward

In cycles

And intuition

Sparks but these

Are ghosts repeating misdeeds

Not that person anymore

But he looks for it

Afraid of what he might find

Haunting the house

Where his heart lives

A tenant, as we all are

But he fears he’s disposable

Surplus and indulged

Catching glimpses of his

Adoration in the loving

Idiots on TV and worries

She makes the same connection

He is good because it is the right thing

To do but he’s most effective when

He’s conquered himself

And some days his weaknesses

Tug at him like a wound

Which is slow in healing

And quick with wisdom

But he tries.

He tries