Baby, It’s You

Tomorrow would have been a day of splendid heraldry. Five years to the day, and I'm here to talk to you. We had picked out every last detail, lost in the tremendous, anxious excitement of a day celebrating our love. The start of everything. That last evening was full of mundane details which tragedy lent … Continue reading Baby, It’s You



It is not Hunters With rifles precision sighted for accuracy That kill the great wild beasts Of the primal woods It is circumstance Comfort Routine Wielded by beautiful assassins Who weep as they kill Even then they do not die They lumber into the deep Woods where the Silence is so thick It absorbs their cries … Continue reading Hunting

The End Of The Affair (Quote)

I loved this film, beautifully filmed and devastating. This scene struck me in particular. Sarah: Love doesn't end, just because we don't see each other. Maurice Bendrix: Doesn't it? Sarah: People go on loving God, don't they? All their lives. Without seeing him. Maurice Bendrix: That's not my kind of love. Sarah: Maybe there is … Continue reading The End Of The Affair (Quote)

Reflections in two mirrors

He sent them to be seen by her. That he had tangible proof of his commitment to his purpose and his growth. Each session, each rejection of easy but costly temptation was there in the heft of his pectorals, the lines and striations in his hip flexors and the way that the softness around his … Continue reading Reflections in two mirrors

Violent Delights

I tremble with the Effort of control Not monstrous Nor misogynistic, although The accusation is thrown, Oftentimes in hindsight I understand Forgive it Envy it sometimes The light of Self-knowledge Makes my head hurt Even as other aches Rise like smoke I would never hurt Intentionally I only come When called Invite me across The … Continue reading Violent Delights

Closed For The Season.

  This agony Tests my dimensions Inspires a grand violence of spirit Anger is an anaesthetic That allows me to go through The day Numb and shivering And how the world goes on Ignoring my resentment At the callow circumstances, fate swept The house of cards from the table How could a love so grand and … Continue reading Closed For The Season.