Sometimes I Feel Lonely

Sometimes I feel all alone, I have friends and I have family, But they all are too busy for me. Sometimes I feel so lonely, I’m surrounded by people all day, But none of them make me feel wanted. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one, In the relationship of two. I’m here&present while […] … Continue reading Sometimes I Feel Lonely


An appalling romance

It's not like Quitting will stall the inevitable But stood there Watching people walk by A ghost dressed in flesh A chapter read between drags A snatch of conversation A pair of eyes That will stay with me For a long time afterwards The burn and the smooth Tingle as my thoughts Turn their keys … Continue reading An appalling romance

I love Christmas If you're alone or struggling Then I extend an invitation for you To know that I love you For the simple fact That we're all on this planet Together I raise a glass to you

Engagement and Isolation

I have come away from social media for a time. I am finding it surprising how much more time I have, for something that is essentially voluntary and free. I think, for me, a lot of it was it's very efficient at giving you that jolt of recognition and connection like a rush of sugar but … Continue reading Engagement and Isolation