If He Comes, We’ll Quit

Helen sat behind the wheel of the panel van, chewing her bottom lip and trying to surf the rising tide of adrenaline before it overwhelmed her completely. Kelly would be on the bike, a hardy little motocross bike that they had picked up for a couple of grand off a dealer in Philly along with … Continue reading If He Comes, We’ll Quit


Two Pages (29/10/16)

I am now eleven pages into the new book, it's starting to find it's voice, and the balance between the language and the story is pleasing. You learn from your failures in writing, and those lessons are the soil from which your next work grows. For instance, I'm far more aware of narrative tension as … Continue reading Two Pages (29/10/16)

Two Pages (12/10/16)

Between scenes in Lawful Evil, I enjoy taking breaths on the page, respites from the tension that I have built and I look to avoid taking away from that entirely. It also allows me to show the changes in the characters as the story has continued. If your characters have not fundamentally changed by the … Continue reading Two Pages (12/10/16)

We Will Call Again.

In the refridgerator is the following:   Half a jar of peanut butter.   A quarter of a gallon of milk.   Twelve stale crackers, soft enough that they would not snap but gently surrender.   The sharp tang of soiled nappies,   A sheaf of letters pinned to the refridgerator, with big red letters … Continue reading We Will Call Again.

Two Pages (22/09/16)

This morning's pages were continuing the background piece, I am quite pleased with the tone and the progression here. It's tentative because it's at a different pace, a foreign setting and hopefully shows off some of the research without being too ostentatious. I don't want to be visible on the page, I want the characters … Continue reading Two Pages (22/09/16)


PERMISSION   She opened her handbag and tipped the contents onto the floor. A shower of make up accessories, a pack of cigarettes, receipts and tissues hit the floor with a dull rattle. Her eyes bulged in their sockets and her lips were pulled back over her teeth. Despite the tailored suit and the immaculate … Continue reading Permission