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A Storm That Frightens The Animal


The unspoken heat 

Between us seethes

Peering between the bars

Of it’s cage

Yet so often, it’s lust

Is mistaken for anger

But here, we pass one another

The means to set it free.

Wrestling against one another

Mouths blooming where they meet

Hands finding something worthy

To touch, the fragile strength

That grows and swells

Like a stormcloud

Soak me with your rain

Deafen me with your thunder

Burn me with your lightning

This beast,

It has your eyes

And my voice

Come here





beauty, creative writing, lightning, men, nature, poetry, storm, women, writing


teeming with implicit static

every cell singing the same song

the rain falls like

a benediction

lifting my face to the sky

willing it to come

my nerves are an orchestra

waiting for the wave of the baton

here, i am alive

the dog comes in

for shelter

but it’s excitement is mine

mingled with fear

who would be brave enough

to come along with me?

because this,

this is how i love

and when they shut

the door

close the curtains

turn up the television

letting it’s bland burps

soothe them

i am outside,




witness to the moments

where i see myself

reflected in the rumble

illuminated by the slash

of electricity against

the sky