Introduction and Explanation

Although I am deep into the wilderness of my second book, I wanted to have somewhere that I could talk about my experiences as a man. I have suffered from a lack of maturity in my past, and I work to overcome those through experience and reflection. I don’t write about these as a reaction or a rejection of women, only a celebration of where I have succeeded and a meditation on where I have failed.  I have failed more than I have succeeded, but within that, I have found valuable lessons and although I have been wounded, it’s in those wounds that I hope my redemption lies. Redemption sounds a weighty word, but I am trying to be a good, integrated masculine man. Not a passive aggressive wimp or a rampaging alpha but something that speaks to a higher path. I also want to talk about the things that work for me, tools and ideas that I pick up from smarter and more capable men and women, that I have used to inform myself. I’m not an expert but I am passionate about these things and I wanted somewhere to collect these thoughts for my own information. Not sure if I will share any of these as such, still just going to enjoy having somewhere that I can talk honestly and openly without challenge or fear of recrimination.