A Review of Laughing Boy


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I've branched out into merchandise. Here is the first design, please let me know what you think and buy one. https://teespring.com/laughing-boy?utm_swu=22&utm_campaign=seller_campaign_launch_1&utm_medium=email_transactional&utm_source=sendwithus_seller&pid=389&cid=100020


Reviews of Laughing Boy

This book has a great story. The descriptions and scenes pull you into this comedians world which is written so well that you can imagine it clearly. There is humor, fear, passion, and suspense! I couldn't put it down!┬áTommy Martin is a well known Norwich-based stand-up comedian, struggling to connect with a teenage daughter who … Continue reading Reviews of Laughing Boy

Laughing Boy on the Horrorcast Podcast

https://open.spotify.com/episode/4BTUTDOHRWDJpKLY58WYLJ?si=Upp1NBYrSPCnjGxWRUEUoA A great, funny podcast about horror movies, tv and fiction. Steve has reviewed Laughing Boy and i will be a future guest, for an episode discussing Stephen Kings work as well as a more in depth conversation about Laughing Boy itself. Please listen and share.