The Lightning Thesaurus is out today for 1.99

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Available from March 15th In other news, the seventh in the sequence is close to completion. I hope you will enjoy the book, as both an evolution of my work and also, as I've always wished, as entertainment.

Dahlia Bliss has books out now

A woman enters a virtual exploration of her sexual desires and finds herself developing emotional connections to her dominant #KindleUnlimited #erotica A potent and playful relationship plays out over a series of instructions, games and tests. Cries, laughter, sighs and screams, it's all there in the most erotic and intense way possible. Out … Continue reading Dahlia Bliss has books out now

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51R Although this was a web series, I always had an idea of seeing it as one complete story. Yet when it came to the collation, there were narrative gaps( a hazard of the format) and I felt there was an emotional undercurrent missing. Those sections are new, I've rewritten scenes and overall made … Continue reading 51R out now at