Two Pages (18/10/16)

There is always a sinking feeling after a book ends, in terms of writing it, where you know that all the experiences, tangential and direct, that informed it will never happen to you again. If they do, it won't be in the same way. Different, in that you've felt them, learned them or been hurt … Continue reading Two Pages (18/10/16)


Two Pages (12/10/16)

Between scenes in Lawful Evil, I enjoy taking breaths on the page, respites from the tension that I have built and I look to avoid taking away from that entirely. It also allows me to show the changes in the characters as the story has continued. If your characters have not fundamentally changed by the … Continue reading Two Pages (12/10/16)

Two Pages (04/10/16)

It was a good two pages this morning. I'm always wary of these scenes, they're important and I try to balance the need for pace and information with the tenets of solid writing. The one applied to this morning was that if you have two characters talking, they should not tell one another things that … Continue reading Two Pages (04/10/16)

Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates

  I knew as much as most people did about Marilyn Monroe. Singing happy birthday to the president, marriages to Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller, a lonely and abrupt death, the shot of her stood over the grate, the eyes and the hair and lips. What Blonde does, is show you her soul and her … Continue reading Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates

High Crime Area by Joyce Carol Oates

Synopsis: A collection of darkly compelling tales from the unique imagination of Joyce Carol Oates. A young professor is convinced she's being followed, but when she confronts her shadow all is not as it seems... A promising student attempts to save her brother from his descent into madness, but finds there may be more to … Continue reading High Crime Area by Joyce Carol Oates

Zombie by Joyce Carol Oates

Synopsis: Meet Quentin P. He is a problem for his professor father and his loving mother, though of course they do not believe the charge of sexual molestation of a minor that got him in that bit of trouble. He is a challenge for his court-appointed psychiatrist, who nonetheless is encouraged by the increasingly affirmative … Continue reading Zombie by Joyce Carol Oates