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Press F – Horror and Technology

Press F To Pay Respects – Horror and Technology –

My first article for Haunt Jaunts.

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it happened to me

  1. When I was eleven years old and got asked to write for the school paper
  2. I consider myself to be meticulous, ambitious and willing to go the extra mile for a story.
  3. Graduated with honours, interned at local paper during summer break.
  4.  My parents divorced when I was fifteen. It was something of a relief. Mom remarried about three years later. In hindsight, it was a little fast, but dad never said anything about it.
  5. I did in college, but it robs you of motivation plus I get the munchies something awful lol
  6. 16. He was confused about his sexuality, we had vodka. Shit happens, I went to his wedding last summer. To a guy. Which answers that question
  7. Is this voluntary? I mean, I know there’s an element of confession in what we do, but who reads these? HR? I mean, it’s not like it’s illegal.
  8. Yes, I would be prepared to approach friends and relatives for content.
  9. You might make assumptions, but I couldn’t possibly comment.
  10. How do you know that? Seriously, this is not funny in the least.
  11. She’s fine, I suppose. Look it was an accident. I was young and stupid, you know how girls are.
  12. I hope that this is the last question. No one’s answering the phone at HR because I want to raise this as an issue. I’m not sure how this is considered part of the journalistic process. There’s been this smell in my apartment and I’m pretty sure it’s Jolly Ranchers, which was what she kept crunching on the field trip. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. Swinging her legs off the edge, smacking her lips like a cow in a field and huffing through her nose.
  13. I’ve decided not to progress with my application. If you want to find some other idiot to talk about her periods or her shitty boyfriend, then you won’t be short of applicants.
  14. Fuck you. Not every trauma serves a purpose, sometimes it’s just a really shitty thing we experience but don’t want to relive over and over again. Not every lived experience needs to be a motivator for change, and the person doing the living gets to decide that. I got into this because we’re supposed to speak truth to power, not make people feel shittier about themselves than they already do. .