Summoning The Daemon

  The title does not contradict my previous statements on inspiration. It is inconstant and should not be relied upon as part of a writing process if you want to achieve a regular body of work. I do, so I don't rely on it. I write through all the different shades of feeling. Feeling ill? … Continue reading Summoning The Daemon


Silk – A Cocoon Falls.

From branch Cocoon falls to ground Empress looks Threads float Thought sparks a Change to a Empire with Secrets prized Holds power to Trade for treasures Idea more precious Than material wealth Smuggled out Into foreign hands Idea loses worth Empress looks up At branch Waits for cocoon To fall It Still Falls  


Trials lie in wait On every corner I hold within A spark of purpose I am earth, air, fire, water And all things Within it Undefined By anything Beyond will And purpose. Each quiet hour Before dawn Pen makes Love to paper Fingers seduce The keyboard If you would Find me anywhere Find Me There.


Always striving Never complete I make art In so many ways With a focus That robs you of breath If you let yourself  Consider what it is That you might Be it's inspiration Come to me Every ounce of courage Hold nothing back You might settle Out of fear But here in unknown territory You … Continue reading Muse

Two Pages (28/10/16)

  I am making good progress on the new book. It took a little adjustment but the changes in setting and language have allowed me to develop in ways that surprised me this morning. It is a balance between serving the story, avoiding cliche and not doing service to the culture that I am using … Continue reading Two Pages (28/10/16)