1.   You never know someone until you’ve hurt them.   What goes unsaid, unmeasured is what does the most effective job.   Combine the two and you create the perfect means to destroy your life.   You’re not thinking about rebuilding as the sky caves in.   The knowledge of how this is all … Continue reading Sommelier

Waltz For Asphalt and Moonlight

Keith's parents were sitting, and after a nice dinner and a movie, Keith had suggested a drink. Part of her wanted this to work, after all, he wasn't a bad man. Just his kisses all tasted the same, and she could tell you how he would approach making love to her - the side hug, … Continue reading Waltz For Asphalt and Moonlight

Life of a thousand cuts

The anticipation and the tension come from the promise of release and expectation.  There is a degree of balance between an anecdotal, confessional tone and telling the story. I look to avoid the writing that when I read it, it makes me wince. Managing that balance is not easy but it makes for more superior … Continue reading Life of a thousand cuts