Silk – A Cocoon Falls.

From branch Cocoon falls to ground Empress looks Threads float Thought sparks a Change to a Empire with Secrets prized Holds power to Trade for treasures Idea more precious Than material wealth Smuggled out Into foreign hands Idea loses worth Empress looks up At branch Waits for cocoon To fall It Still Falls  

Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere 21/12/2014

So today I started writing that which is always painful, to create the grounds that your protagonists suffer. Humiliation is something that we all fear, it's a rejection and even writing about it can be painful. I'm taking that perfect little bubble that these two live in, drawing a needle and bursting it. I'm not … Continue reading Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere 21/12/2014

nothing keeps me anywhere 25/11/2014

Two pages, a stolen moment and during the day, I started making notes towards a new project that's probably going to be a glorious disaster but speaks to something I've not seen on the page before. Why? Because I've not seen it before, not in the way I want to do it. At the moment, … Continue reading nothing keeps me anywhere 25/11/2014

The Best Ideas

"The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.” David Oglivy Often I find myself watching or reading something, and I feel rather than emote a chuckle as an idea comes to me. I like to flip around perspectives and see what comes up. I can and do suspend disbelief, get … Continue reading The Best Ideas


I had one that came to me whilst I was at work today.  A lot of it is just random connections and associations that coalesce into a possibility.  I wont divulge the idea because I have a habit of not following through an idea if I share it. This one has potential though if I … Continue reading Ideas


They come from everywhere, I was shaving my head this morning and I thought about who would do that, and for what reason. Then from there, I caught an image of someone who had used this to change their appearance. I was also thinking about the television show The Leftovers as well as some youtube … Continue reading Ideas