3 INSTEAD OF E     My left foot kept spinning the pedals, a rattling, harsh percussion that cut through Hazel's buzz. It was Wednesday, school was out because a senior had shot himself in front of his parents. Hazel kept sucking on the joint before giving out the little morsels of information that she … Continue reading 3 INSTEAD OF E

A quiet glow

Breathe to Keep it at bay, Calling it a need Implies that it's a weakness A charge building Pooling in the hollow places Enough to tear down Buildings with my bare hands I want to tear you apart Plunge into you and write Prayers on your bones To the wild god within me I'm capable … Continue reading A quiet glow

Animal sacrament

My hand at Your throat As I Drive my love Deep Slow So that you feel Everything And the kisses Opening you Until with A shudder you Drip then melt Crushed beneath My fingers like Ripe fruit And without expectations Unless so inspired That you Want to feel My flesh Throbbing An animal sacrament Of … Continue reading Animal sacrament

My Silence

My silence Is not that of someone Unsure A primal certainty A purpose that exists Outside of the storm of Feeling that follows you Come, discover you In my silence Not a boring, sycophantic, domesticated Pause but a descent Into the places within you That yearn for Feelings that burn like Sunspots in the void … Continue reading My Silence


I crave The taste The texture Of you Every sense Is a hunger Making me bold As my mouth Goes to places That you'll shiver To recall in more Civilised moments Things you'll blush And stutter in recollection Because you're A drug that strips me Of shame and As you ask me If I can … Continue reading Drug/Hungers

Under a ceiling fan

Sometimes We tear at One another Like animals in Season Addicts trembling Want their fix Less than we want One another In sober moments Let's not be Too comfortable Let us never Be too complete And as you show Me the pale band Of skin above Black stocking My mouth grows Dry and I realise … Continue reading Under a ceiling fan