At your door, A firm, loud knock No mask Invite me across Your threshold I was drawn here With a thirst For someone Sweet Against your Stairs Hand on your throat A mean treat Belly melting tricks With my lips Rough against yours Soft ghost Words clawing at Our insides I know the sweet spots … Continue reading Halloween

Mine Won’t

You slipped the pills into my drink. You and your husband. Fed me to the water. I was spat back. A dead nothing in my chest. An orifice in my throat where he slit my throat and you watched. There was love in your eyes, blind and selfish. You wept, but I knew it was … Continue reading Mine Won’t

Limited Service

(http://milannikolapetrovic.deviantart.com/art/Ghost-train-425558663) Lizzie stood alone on the platform, arms wrapped around herself, and looking down the tracks. Every noise made her react until even the rasp and rattle of the breeze had her nerves on edge. Harry had once told her about the ghost trains. Scheduled trains that stopped at odd places, single journeys that appeared … Continue reading Limited Service