My landlady knocked. The book, warm from my hand,closed where my reading paused. She had a desperate,gulping expression like the first life to developlungs in the race for evolution.‘There’s been a delivery for you,’ she said.She has brought it in whilst also leaning on herstick. The child seat looked expensive. The kind whichwas on a … Continue reading Dash


Baby, It’s You

Photo by Pedro Figueras on Pexels.com Tomorrow would have been a day of splendid heraldry. Five years to the day. We had picked out every detail, lost in the tremendous, anxious excitement of a day celebrating our love. The start of everything. That last evening was full of mundane details in which tragedy lent a … Continue reading Baby, It’s You


Worlds Where we never met Where I didn't message you Or I died tragically young Terribly old Where I lived in shadow Afraid to let the light touch my soul Worlds Where I didn't Betray my marriage and don't feel Guilt and relief when I look at the space on my finger Where I didn't … Continue reading Worlds

Ten Years

I still smell The air of medical struggle, They took you in Sudden but not a surprise, Knowing you were hanging on, Soul packed and ready to fly To better skies than the night Overhead, I'd stayed a year of Saturdays, Bore spousal displeasure, To try and offer up a meagre Sacrifice against the grief … Continue reading Ten Years

Monster in Love

He had fed On battlefield blood, Watched twisted engines, Cut scars into the earth, He had sat at the feet of Ashen gods and beautiful monsters, And watched the light flee, The eyes of a million different Beauties and when she came, She did not fear him, Saw through the alien actions To the ceaseless … Continue reading Monster in Love

Good Dog

  All dogs have a Buddha Mind so you've Barked your last mantra And intellectually As comforting as it is, You've transcended Your suffering, It doesn't make the Silence when I walk into My old house any easier To bear, old friend, And the paths we walked Night and day, Will miss us both, But … Continue reading Good Dog