Two Pages (04/10/16)

It was a good two pages this morning. I'm always wary of these scenes, they're important and I try to balance the need for pace and information with the tenets of solid writing. The one applied to this morning was that if you have two characters talking, they should not tell one another things that … Continue reading Two Pages (04/10/16)

Dark Places

It is a good book, not as disturbing as Sharp Objects nor is the plot as engaging as Gone Girl but it represents a transition between the two books in an interesting evolution. There is a sense of rural noir, the desperate bleak horror of what an economy in freefall does to people and how … Continue reading Dark Places

Gone Girl

I've not seen the film but I will. I've read the book and loved it enough to reread it. Gillian Flynn does the work.  It's a great story told well and more importantly,  it's original and refreshing in its darkness and ambiguities.  She writes with a bleak honesty whilst never being derailed from the job … Continue reading Gone Girl