Laughing Boy by M B Blissett

LAUGHING BOY M B BLISSETT Love is forever. TOMMY MARTIN is a single father to PENNY, since the death of his wife Sophie. When he finds happiness again with an enigmatic artist, Tommy finds himself facing supernatural forces intent on harming everyone closest to him. He must face the darkest days of his past in … Continue reading Laughing Boy by M B Blissett


Limited Service

( Lizzie stood alone on the platform, arms wrapped around herself, and looking down the tracks. Every noise made her react until even the rasp and rattle of the breeze had her nerves on edge. Harry had once told her about the ghost trains. Scheduled trains that stopped at odd places, single journeys that appeared … Continue reading Limited Service


THIS IS THE PLACE You sit in the back seat, damp with the warmth of four people in close proximity, all of them radiating waves of panic and excitement. If someone asked you where you were on that spectrum as you thrum, fuelled by two cups of coffee and an apple danish, you wouldn't be … Continue reading THIS IS THE PLACE

Joyland by Stephen King

'M B Blissett is reviewing another of my books. God, that's beautiful.' Synopsis: After realizing his romantic life is not going in the direction he'd hoped, Devin Jones decides to take a summer job at an amusement park. There he makes friends with Tom Kennedy and Erin Cook, also summer hires at Joyland, which years … Continue reading Joyland by Stephen King

Four Ghosts

Mitch unlocked his front door with the care of a burglar. There was no one to wake but he had neighbours, The Contreraz' had young kids and tomorrow they would be awake early. He wanted to give Rosa and Paulo a break. They liked having a cop in the building, didn't comment on the first … Continue reading Four Ghosts

Beating, With Christmas Lights

The rain worried her more than it should. Scurrying home from work, grocery bag pressed to her chest like an infant, Elaine tried to keep her thoughts from pushing her down to her knees. The sad anniversaries don't have a range of greeting cards. The horrible things you do, that stain your skin like a … Continue reading Beating, With Christmas Lights