Just No

http:// http://www.avclub.com/article/hbo-wants-your-game-thrones-stuff-book-212927?utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=feeds If no one's making money off your fan fiction then you shouldn't give it so that someone else does. HBO are offering resolutely poor terms and conditions for your contributions.  Martin stopped the fan fiction being published on Amazon so I'm not sure why he's allowing this to happen.  Make your own worlds … Continue reading Just No

Grey Worm Got Soul

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoyMvE5g7f8&feature=kp This song came up on an advert and with so much new music, I googled it to find that it's the same actor who portrayed Grey Worm. Maybe this is the song that could be added to the limited repertoire that seems to be Bear and The Maiden or The Rains of Castermere. A … Continue reading Grey Worm Got Soul

On Dorne

I cannot wait to see more of Dorne in the next season. The scenes were my favourites in the books, very inspiring and it captured Martin's skill in evoking strange yet familiar places and people. Being anything less than noble in the Seven Kingdoms would be shit to live in, but I do love to … Continue reading On Dorne

A Song of Ice and Fire/A Dance With Dragons

Just caught up with A Song of Ice and Fire, in particular A Dance With Dragons, which is my favourite so far, in that the scale is bigger and the stakes are much higher, and that we see the continued consequences of good intentions. It is interesting in that the show has made different choices … Continue reading A Song of Ice and Fire/A Dance With Dragons