See You There

There are borders To the state of sadness Clutching the wire Looking at you A tear falls and I fight the urge To stand up Wipe it from your eye Because it isn't how you escape And even the most eloquent Are robbed of words By the prognoses Promises unfulfilled And so, unable to help, … Continue reading See You There


Terse Counsel

there are some I trust with my secrets Nothing corrosive For I've been to the ground with Those But still The council of quiet men Advice which cuts away Weak and rotting thought So I return Hard and strong Terse counsel Growling in my bones Sit with women Knowing I spare her My weaknesses But … Continue reading Terse Counsel

Friendship is Forever   You last saw her on the corner of Garden Street, just before the stretch of wasteland which became a stretch of motorway ten years later.   You had been arguing about something. Someone.   Terry Yates. The first time anyone or anything had come between you, and it was a bloody boy.   … Continue reading Friendship is Forever

A Quiet Invasion

We sit over coffee She looks at me wide-eyed Tells me that New York is an alien city I laugh, nervous, Afraid to ask if she's stopped Taking the pills But she smiles, almost nervous Hear me out Please? Her use of the word is a songbird at dawn to me. In love with her … Continue reading A Quiet Invasion

canine gravity

Stroking his scars Head on my lap As his carrion breath Warms my thigh His simplicity Has always been constant Through broken times He's borne witness to the worst My angry tears when the pain Was so great that only loneliness Soothed and i could not articulate it To anything more conscious Than trees and … Continue reading canine gravity

On my shield

The keys Need tuning On the ragtime piano Of my days And sometimes My voice Cracks beneath The weight of My thoughts But I'm on the Same battlefield As all of you And even as the Smallest has to Pick up The standard And wave it In invitation Because we're here And the ugliness Can't … Continue reading On my shield