A Bridge For The Furies: A Bit Of Improvisation Never Hurt Anybody

Iria was on her feet when Cara suggested that they get out of there. Drea was one more glass away from alcohol poisoning, and Gloria struggled to control the pull that playing God had given her. Olivia was amicable enough, but that was down to a mild case of future shock. It might as well … Continue reading A Bridge For The Furies: A Bit Of Improvisation Never Hurt Anybody

A Visit From The Creatures of Necessity

Dear Sheriff, My brother and I called to discuss a recent business matter. No one was home, but we thought it rude to not let you know that we were here.  The alarm system is pretty good. The lock on the back door could do with a touch of oil.  You have a lovely home … Continue reading A Visit From The Creatures of Necessity

A Quiet Invasion

We sit over coffee She looks at me wide-eyed Tells me that New York is an alien city I laugh, nervous, Afraid to ask if she's stopped Taking the pills But she smiles, almost nervous Hear me out Please? Her use of the word is a songbird at dawn to me. In love with her … Continue reading A Quiet Invasion

A Mother’s Courage

Corrine awoke in a moment of panic. The straps held and she clutched at her rifle. It was a little after dawn, judging by the light and she forced herself to remain still. She was eight feet above the ground, a fall like that would not have been a good start to the day. Strapped … Continue reading A Mother’s Courage

The Walk

He did not know he was the topic of disparate bursts of conversation. Walking his dog, shaved head swathed in headphones, eyes red with tears and smoking fiercely made him stand out. He made the effort to smile whenever he caught someone's eye. Dogs made you gregarious by nature, and he understood, even welcomed the … Continue reading The Walk

Two cups of coffee, one of them untouched.

Laura gazed through the plate glass window. His smile beckoned her. Her dreams of him had frightened her with their power. She took a deep breath, reached for the door handle. Her phone rang. A pleading husband. A vomiting child. She kept her voice bright, said that she would not be long. Circumstance snatched her … Continue reading Two cups of coffee, one of them untouched.