Listening To The Sound Of My Voice

Here are my previous appearances if you're curious as to what I sound like. If you prefer Spotify, then the show is also available here: If you're a fan of Stephen King, then learn about his films, books and his literary influence on a handsome, modest author. In these fractious times, … Continue reading Listening To The Sound Of My Voice

Writing about [REC]

I've started writing for Horror Screams Video Vault, and you can find my first article here.

My second appearance on Horrorscreams

It was my pleasure to enjoy a second appearance on the show. We talked about The Thing, then went into a conversation about John Carpenter's filmography. It was, as always, a fun and engaging conversation with Steven and Sarah. HORRORSCREAMS PODCAST: Episode 14 - John Carpenter & THE THING (

My appearance on HorrorScreams

It was a polite, enthusiastic and engaging conversation with two very smart and informed people. If you're in the UK, it is free on Spotify to listen to.