The Lightning Thesaurus

I have sent the proofread manuscript back to the publisher. I am 39k into the seventh book, The Unshod Centaur, and have been in talks about comprehensive plans for the future. The book will be available on March 8th, from Enchanted Forest Publishing.

From a recent review of The Lightning Thesaurus

"Going straight into action in a book with little to no backstory may not always be the best to start, but this time I am proven wrong. We are introduced to complex and mysterious characters with their own hidden desires, which allows the reader to ponder on whether this is a simple good vs. evil … Continue reading From a recent review of The Lightning Thesaurus

Could, Not Should.

(There are plenty of stories with Ron, here is one for you all) Tal watched the pub, huddled against the rain underneath a cloak which had more patches than cloak to its name. His hand strayed to the knife in his belt, touching it for reassurance but sickened by the fear he would have to … Continue reading Could, Not Should.

Negociaciones a Punta De Cuchillo

(An aside from a longer piece, with a character who's yet to appear in the sequence o pieces I have written and am writing. No, he's not as friendly as Ron) 'Where's my gold?' Pitt looked up, finger still knuckle deep in his left nostril as he sneered with disdain. He chuckled as he studied … Continue reading Negociaciones a Punta De Cuchillo

The Dragon’s Dream – An Excerpt.

(This is the first chapter from Episode 5 and I am deep into the eighth episode at the moment. Something to whet the appetite, and I'd welcome any comments and feedback) 1. The catfish had been fat and frantic for days, near leaping into the nets. They fermented and salted much of it for the … Continue reading The Dragon’s Dream – An Excerpt.