House Keeping

Wrote a big chunk of the new book, and went through the previous ones, pleased with the foreshadowed events which pay off in later books. I'm proud of everything I've put my name to and yet what's coming reads like a different writer altogether. The convention planning alongside getting the second book ready is going … Continue reading House Keeping

The Lightning Thesaurus is on Goodreads If you use Goodreads and have read or are going to read the book, would you please share this link, comment on it and add your recommendations? Thank you all so much.

The Lightning Thesaurus – Playlist. These are the songs which inspired and reflect the tone and process of writing this first in the sequence. I had others, which I will add to this, but wanted to share with you some of what I was listening to as I wrote this.

The Sixth Kind – A Ron Brandywood Caper

When Ron returns the favour he owes a former companion, he must help solve a mystery and find the origins of an ancient horror. As secrets are revealed, Ron faces a fate worse than death as he faces the horrors of transformation into something inhuman. As his body revolts against him, Ron must draw on … Continue reading The Sixth Kind – A Ron Brandywood Caper