God shaped holes

Was it removed like an inflamed Appendix? Do you finger the scar and realise you've been misled Into the slate desert where the candles Never stay alight And you've tried to jam in different Things Sex, drugs, art, politics, But in the end You look at those who kept theirs Or had one transplanted from … Continue reading God shaped holes

The Devil Went Down To Pensacola

What offended Lou most about the protest was it's lack of taste. The signs were written in black, bold fonts on neon and hot pink pieces of card glued to lengths of wood. Some earnest art project gone horribly wrong.  He stood and watched them with his forehead furrowed in amusement, smoking and smirking to himself. … Continue reading The Devil Went Down To Pensacola

The Day

Russo adjusted her belt to alleviate the way that it always dug into her ample gut. She swore that she was going to start dieting again but she considered the trade off that came from a wife who was a trained chef worth it.  Ashford came over to her, his fingers smoothing down his failing … Continue reading The Day

Create Your Own Religion by Daniele Bolelli

Synopsis: CREATE YOUR OWN RELIGION is a call to arms -- an open invitation to question all the values, beliefs and worldviews that humanity has so far held as sacred in order to find the answers we need to the very practical problems facing us. Writer, philosopher and professor of comparative religion, Daniele Bolelli, leads … Continue reading Create Your Own Religion by Daniele Bolelli

A Return

Harry parked at the end of the street, swallowing his nerves as he tried to reconcile the geography of memory with how things were now. The Oxboroughs still lived at 43, marked by the rusting Ford Escort in the front garden and the sagging green wire fence that never seemed to maintain any integrity, often reverting … Continue reading A Return

Lilith Went Out

When she was cast out. No one knew where she walked, And who she spoke to, Because if you believe The idea of other forces Hidden from a Creator's gaze Should keep you awake at night. Were their voices, The snap of a child's femur? The whisper of a paramour? Who knows, Maybe she listened, … Continue reading Lilith Went Out