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This little toe

From your toes

Up your calves
A bite here
To make you giggle
Careful across the knee
A slow climb upwards
Lips and tongue
But my eyes looking forever
Lost in those eyes
Anticipation making my cock
Ache with want
But the inside of your thighs
Kissing a tattoo
That bears my mark
Indelible as my love
Open to me
Hands at the back of my head
You’ve learned to love this
When we are out
Watching me speak
And thinking of the magic
That my lips evoke
Starting with your toes
You smile to yourself
Panties growing warm
With anticipation
Ready to receive
Pleasure like you’ve never known
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To watch my fingers
Dance between your thighs
Is to watch leaves dance on branches
Birds singing
To be blessed with sunlight
I ache for you
We feed one another
A symphony
Of stinging blow
And tender invasive touch
I carry the scent of your sex
Taste it in each swallow
Even away from the flame of lust
My love for you is elegant
A palace as beautiful as a cobweb
At dawn
You, more precious than anything
I own, and yet owning you
Makes you all the more precious
To me
My diamond
Shining in all facets


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My fingers guiding

These loving machines
In journeys of
Intimate exploration
We are bold
In our pursuits
Laughing with surprise
Paroxysms of release
Made obstrepreous with
How beautiful you are
When pleasure overtakes
You and I it’s herald
As much instrument
Avatar as I am
I will exhaust you
With bliss
And afterwards, rag-dolled with
I will hold you close
Whisper my love
Loud as a shout
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Clean and Dirty by

Clean and Dirty by

Laid in blood hot water
Drunk on one another
The damp percussion
Of the water as our hands lift
Or dive to find each other
Touch me beneath
It’s a mermaid’s kiss
That your fingers give me
Kissing you
Oiled with sweat and
Soft intention
How glorious we look
Like young gods
Or beatific creatures
Angels who didn’t fall
But took their time
Coming down
And enjoying every step
Of the way
Baptising one another
How your skin is
Apricot to touch
Yet as wanton as
Delightfully feral feeling
Dirty is
I have never

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dark planet

you might not

know at a glance

what i feel

as intuitive as you are

something about me

resists easy interpretation

i, a dark planet

teeming with potent life

just beyond your range

but not in your orbit

the air is thick there

heady, a glass of wine

atop a mountain

but visit


through my eyes

lies a promise

of adventure

and you open


to the

calm animal


that i 


without judgement

that here

you can 


someone else



mother’s admonitions

that you can coil

around me

as i fuck


into you

pressed and tested

without explanation

the decisions

given to my


and here


damp and glowing

you are the eve

of this new world

where everything looks

the same 

but it all



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to snuff out stars

Here we are

The door closes

And we are upon one another

Handled with the knowledge

Not that you will not break

But you want to be broken

Dashed apart by the unyielding

Strength of my will

Tethered to a snarling passion

That is chained by propriety

Clothes are an insult

To the moment and we tear them away

Addict, drug, supplier

We meld and blend within these roles

But you, as hungry to taste

And touch as I

Your wet knowing mouth

Robs me of words

As my fingers tease


Hold you in place

Like ripe fruit

My lips against your flesh

As you are against mine

We feast upon one another

This, your reward for your


And my handling of you

An act of trust, belief in your

Capacity for obedience

A vessel made to take

A pleasure powerful enough

To snuff out stars

beauty, dominance, erotic poetry, erotic writing, erotica, lust, poetry, sex, women


Kneeling before me

My fingers drawing a line

Down your cheek

Here, where you belong

Are you finally free

I would use you

My needs are ruthless

In their desire to be fulfilled

And i would brush aside

The petty

The insubstantial

This bruising, relentless play

Between us

The eyeshadow

That will smear into shadow

The lipstick that will be

War paint upon your cheek

I cannot spoil the beauty of you

I can celebrate it,

Play with it, test it

My fingers dancing



A caress or a sharp pinch

To see the light in your eyes

My mouth

Taking away your words

Until my face is slick

My tongue going

Deeper where the juices

Flow thick and sweet

Until insensate,

Throbbing like an open nerve

You beg me to conquer

To claim

To tear you apart

With pleasure

Compelling my release

But you will

Never completely

Claim me

But the delight