This little toe

From your toes Up your calves A bite here To make you giggle Careful across the knee A slow climb upwards Lips and tongue But my eyes looking forever Upwards Lost in those eyes Anticipation making my cock Ache with want But the inside of your thighs Kissing a tattoo That bears my mark Indelible as … Continue reading This little toe



  To watch my fingers Dance between your thighs Is to watch leaves dance on branches Birds singing To be blessed with sunlight I ache for you We feed one another A symphony Of stinging blow And tender invasive touch I carry the scent of your sex Taste it in each swallow Even away from the … Continue reading Diamond


Throbbing Pulsing My fingers guiding These loving machines In journeys of Intimate exploration We are bold In our pursuits Laughing with surprise Paroxysms of release Made obstrepreous with Need How beautiful you are When pleasure overtakes You and I it's herald As much instrument Avatar as I am Man I will exhaust you With bliss … Continue reading Throb


Laid in blood hot water Drunk on one another Sighs Murmurs The damp percussion Of the water as our hands lift Or dive to find each other Touch me beneath It's a mermaid's kiss That your fingers give me Kissing you Oiled with sweat and Soft intention How glorious we look Together Like young gods Or … Continue reading Clean

dark planet

you might not know at a glance what i feel as intuitive as you are something about me resists easy interpretation i, a dark planet teeming with potent life just beyond your range but not in your orbit the air is thick there heady, a glass of wine atop a mountain but visit explore through … Continue reading dark planet