Rain In The Afternoon (NSFW)

She had been squalling all day. A quiet irritation and restlessness had lent an edge to her demeanour. He had noticed it as he put the cup of tea down on the table that it would build and burn her out then exhaust her. He could ignore it but he saw how it hurt her … Continue reading Rain In The Afternoon (NSFW)

when you were naughty

My fingers close on your jaw, firm but gentle as you try to look away. The space between us seethes with unspoken tension and my voice, when it comes, is a bass growl. The sight of you calls out a playful dominance in me.   'You're mine, baby girl.'   You quiver, but my arm … Continue reading when you were naughty

Surrender – Sir 2.0

Chaos creeps in by degrees. Within the dormitory, murmurs of disappointment, punctuated by outbursts of frustration, shrill and sharp from the women who have found their appointments cancelled without warning. The men’s section is more overt in their disapproval. The clatter of things thrown to the ground. Conversations become arguments. Arguments become fights. The ambient … Continue reading Surrender – Sir 2.0

Fluid Magic – Sir 2.0

If you took one of the red gelatine capsules and pulled it apart, you would find nothing inside. The capsules are the smallest size available. They hold a capacity for 200mg, but for what Daddy is hoping to achieve, is almost infinite. A nanobot is a robot in miniature. They measure 1000th of a micron, … Continue reading Fluid Magic – Sir 2.0

Capacity For Escape (Sir 2.0)

You experience snatches of him in dreams. The salt of his skin, suffused with coffee and bergamot taunts you as it wells up in your sinuses and across your lips. His weight, held above you, used in service to open you up. You play the brat with him, alternating between coquette and little and in … Continue reading Capacity For Escape (Sir 2.0)