The End Of The Affair (Quote)

I loved this film, beautifully filmed and devastating. This scene struck me in particular. Sarah: Love doesn't end, just because we don't see each other. Maurice Bendrix: Doesn't it? Sarah: People go on loving God, don't they? All their lives. Without seeing him. Maurice Bendrix: That's not my kind of love. Sarah: Maybe there is … Continue reading The End Of The Affair (Quote)



It is the fierce strength Taking off your soft, sweet armour This delicious pacification To wrap yourself in surrender To trust to me To set you free Trembling as my hands part your thighs Kissing the wounded places That made the armour necessary We are wrapped around one another A rough hand A kiss A … Continue reading Pacify


Let me tie Lengths of pearlescent Ribbon around Your nipples A gift of goodness Needing correction Bind you with the Outstretched limb Surrender By degrees To my rough authority Be set free By your submission I know how you ache Twisting with want My stinging blows Thanking me After each strike I see into your … Continue reading Ribbons

Two Pages(13/10/16)

The two pages this morning were solid, the back and forth of the relationship between the protagonist and her mother has been a quiet source of pride for me in capturing both the narcissism and it's impact. I know a few narcissists, and I hope that I have done them proud. It also allowed me … Continue reading Two Pages(13/10/16)

Two Pages (11/09/16)

So, the pen sketch yesterday was useful, and it reads well so I may keep it but I've moved things on in order to get to the next set of beats/scenes in order to start bringing together the A and B plots. When I use these terms, it's borrowed wholly from Story and The Story … Continue reading Two Pages (11/09/16)

Animal Vs Angel

When the black eyed angel folds it's wings Around me, I would tear them, Root and stem Unmanned, and in my divine rage Dash it's ugly skull into the concrete It is not an action fuelled by violence In the palace of my skull Wanders an animal And it knows not love nor hate But … Continue reading Animal Vs Angel