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My experience and passion can help your writing take form and meaning. I provide analysis, a report and suggestions which will show you the issues with your piece and then the solution.

Tired of struggling with your unfinished stories?

I know it's tough when the words don't want to go play in the fields of your imagination. Like a hunger pang which makes you question whether you're capable of telling the story which lives inside you.  You call yourself an 'aspiring writer' but you just want to get it down, with the themes and … Continue reading Tired of struggling with your unfinished stories?

Two Pages (24/10/16)

The above picture is the completed exploratory draft of Lawful Evil. I finished it on Saturday in a mammoth writing sprint. Whenever I finish a draft, it's a bittersweet experience, a mix of relief and regret. A lot happened during the three months of writing it, and the work reflects that. It's the first book … Continue reading Two Pages (24/10/16)

Two Pages (209/09/16)

Last night, I edited chapters 23 - 24 of Until She Sings, paring back some rough spots but mostly adding details and narrative colour to them. The story is solid, so it's a matter of subtlety and adding swatches of background as per my agent's notes. This morning, I dropped the hammer on events in … Continue reading Two Pages (209/09/16)