My New Addiction

This has been a recent and welcome discovery. There's a lot of content but the warmth and enthusiasm is infectious and soon you'll be hoping to find someone else who's into it so you can talk to them about it.

Thorne – Origin

Thorne is my Dungeons and Dragons character, as I will be, after a long period, playing again. I thought I would share what I've written, and also it will serve as a record of the game itself, which I am looking forward to. I'm into the things I like without shame and role playing games … Continue reading Thorne – Origin

To Live

Daryl rolled the pair of twenty-sided dice and looked up over the top of the cardboard screen. 'It misses you.' Leanne cheered and checked her character sheet before she picked up her pencil and pointed it at him. 'I cast a fireball at the troll.' She rolled, frowned. 'I roll 60. Is that a hit?' … Continue reading To Live