Sir 2.0 Clean

You wait two days until your name is called. When you follow the lights, you find that you are not directed to the shower facilities and you fight a growing trepidation that the routine is not being followed. The guard who escorts you, a dark, muscular young woman with Senegalese braids and a nose ring … Continue reading Sir 2.0 Clean


Sir v2.0 To Receive

You sleep that night with an ease that normally comes from a prescription. The following morning, in the shower, you catch a glimpse of the bruising on your buttocks and smile to yourself, badges of your courage and surrender that make you tingle with a set of emotions that resist analysis. A few days pass, … Continue reading Sir v2.0 To Receive

Sir 2.0 A Whispered Munch

You are directed to a small room, four single beds, a footlocker at the bottom with a single pillow and sheet. The lighting overhead is recessed, making the shadows thicken and giving a softness to proceedings that lends everything a dream-like hue. The other women here inspect you with a cautious glance. You give a … Continue reading Sir 2.0 A Whispered Munch

Sir 2.0 Episode 3

You inhale the oils in the water, carried across from the steam. You can no longer hear the ambient murmurs of the audience. A quiet relief blunts your discomfort to a degree where it becomes part of the burgeoning arousal within you. Your acceptance has unlocked the first stirrings of a wild, terrible power within you. Your … Continue reading Sir 2.0 Episode 3