No One Can Know

No One Can Know   She is stood in line, her right hand reaching inside her purse as she looks around. Her tongue darts from the right side of her mouth, like a snake tasting the air. It was nervous excitement, fueled by flashes of malevolent, chemical lights in her eyes like an aurora borealis. … Continue reading No One Can Know

Raisin Debtor

Siobhan. With hair the colour and curl of ¬†black carrot peelings dumped atop a soft, round face and emerald eyes. A smattering of freckles across her nose and a body made from scoops of flesh which tumbled and spill with each step she took. Phil offered her the job. I watched from my station, how … Continue reading Raisin Debtor

A Soldier, His Country

The windows were rolled up as the AC fed on my nervous perspiration and our mingled breath. He had put on thick rubber dishwashing gloves, which made me smile, but he pointed out that latex tears and these would be better for the work he was going to do. When he touched me, the heat … Continue reading A Soldier, His Country

Thought Balloon.

( Theresa saw the sign held up by a single push pin on the notice board. It was a single sheet of A4 paper, typed with care and containing the least possible amount of information. It was a notice that knew its own appeal and power over the students who stopped to read it, drawn … Continue reading Thought Balloon.

Just Like A Pill

Pooh, Tate's cousin sat in the oversized chair lighting cooking matches and dropping them into the glass of beer. He glared at Tate and I sat on the couch, tried to look small. He kept the roll of notes turning in his hand, flexing his fingers as he fought the nerves, chemical and real that … Continue reading Just Like A Pill

The Irascible Nature of Scorpions (Ogden)

They combed the area in the dark, a generator ¬†was found and set up, it's guttural purr and the thick, greasy stink of diesel adding to the choir of anxieties that afflicted the lawmen of Ogden. One of their own, found in the front seat of his patrol vehicle, throat slit and uniform dark and … Continue reading The Irascible Nature of Scorpions (Ogden)