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Keygoyle – a drabble

(From Chuck Palahniuk, a prompt about a closed space. There are three here, in this story)

Kyle pulled out of the driveway, blinking away tears.

Kyle didn’t see it, paranoia like rabid dogs loose in his head.

They’ll wait before doing anything which might get them caught, he tells himself.

In his mind, he imagined them with terrible clarity. How she would respond to him, the unknown lover.

Each time he left for work, part remained inside, a gargoyle. Guarding.  Peering through the keyhole.

Red with feeling, like the light he missed.

The scream feels liberating as the car crumples like paper in God’s right hand.

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Mine Won’t

You slipped the pills into my drink. You and your husband. Fed me to the water.

I was spat back. A dead nothing in my chest. An orifice in my throat where he slit my throat and you watched. There was love in your eyes, blind and selfish. You wept, but I knew it was yourself.

You were the last thing I saw before he led you away. An infidelity denied forever. A last drink before leaving town. Wanting to be adults about it, I agreed.  You looked sad but pretty like a caged bird. His hands shook.

Mine won’t.

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A New Life

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Her head throbbed at the sight of her ruined garden. A smouldering pile of burning plants made her eyes sting from the smoke. The kids were with Mum and the police took Tom away when the neighbours called them.
She stared at the damage as her body shook with rage and grief. He had uprooted the plants by hand when he had used all the weedkiller.
She knelt down when she saw something.

A tiny green shoot had fought through the soil, soaking in the remains of the light. She stroked the leaves and said a prayer for them both.

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A Cloud of Mariposas



In her dreams, she chased mariposas with a stick. She laughed until her head swam with joy. She saw her bear waiting at the end of the path. She ran towards him. His thick arms closed around her and she pressed her nose into his fur. He told her stories that made her bones with magic, light as the mariposas.
She awoke with his warmth still moving through her limbs. He called and his love beckoned her to him. She found courage in his certainty and strength. She went out in the dark and took him along.

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Two cups of coffee, one of them untouched.

Laura gazed through the plate glass window. His smile beckoned her. Her dreams of him had frightened her with their power. She took a deep breath, reached for the door handle.

Her phone rang.

A pleading husband.

A vomiting child.

She kept her voice bright, said that she would not be long.

Circumstance snatched her hopes away and she wept all the way home.

He waited through two more cups of coffee and another chapter of the book he wanted to give to her.

Part of his heart still waits.