Escape Through A Rippling Heat

Hunting The hot, rippling Heaven That you taste On my lips I am a flock Of birds In your sky Coaxing delight That gathers in swollen Clouds Until they Burst in deluges Of honeyed release Kiss my fingers Hold them in your mouth As proof of surrender How I would Tell you What a good … Continue reading Escape Through A Rippling Heat


Over my lap Grinning with defiance Here is where You surrender Or play at it awhile I place the leather In front of you See it glisten With intention In a gruff voice I tell you That this is For your benefit More than mine The crack of it Tentative At first Physics Chemistry Endorphins … Continue reading Belt

Sir 2.0 Episode 3

You inhale the oils in the water, carried across from the steam. You can no longer hear the ambient murmurs of the audience. A quiet relief blunts your discomfort to a degree where it becomes part of the burgeoning arousal within you. Your acceptance has unlocked the first stirrings of a wild, terrible power within you. Your … Continue reading Sir 2.0 Episode 3

Sir 2.0 Episode 2: Processing.

You swallow but your throat is acrid with tension. You cannot make out the details of the people watching you, only that they are there. The gown continues to shift up on the back of your legs, adding self consciousness, drop by drop, over the stir of emotions that collide and change within you. 'To … Continue reading Sir 2.0 Episode 2: Processing.

The Rush of My Blood Come here Put yourself in my hands Because your purity Makes me ache To leave marks To see how beautiful You’d look Flushed and spoiled   I want to break you Sweetly and thoroughly Hands bound Because something in your Eyes begs me to try That you dare me To show you the gentle … Continue reading The Rush of My Blood