Photo by Kaboompics .com on Her voice, small and trembling, woke me like an alarm clock. A single word had me tumbling from the womb of warm sheets.The drive is quiet, my teeth ground together by the tension, knowing that at any moment, I might arrive to some horror scene, blood and rage. Frightened … Continue reading CONFERENCE IN THE TREEHOUSE

Sunset Ride

The flat was too empty to bear alone. Henry pulled on the set of leathers which cost more than the bike, avoiding his eyes in the mirror, afraid he might give it up and spend the day curled on his single bed, turning pages on a book without reading a single word. He went outside; … Continue reading Sunset Ride

Mason Jar

Shirley had not left much in the way of belongings. A few worn, battered boxes of objects that held sentimental value and the musk of years clinging to them. Laura had taken them in without a care to examine them, exiled them to a corner of the basement whilst she got on trying to raise … Continue reading Mason Jar

Limited Service

( Lizzie stood alone on the platform, arms wrapped around herself, and looking down the tracks. Every noise made her react until even the rasp and rattle of the breeze had her nerves on edge. Harry had once told her about the ghost trains. Scheduled trains that stopped at odd places, single journeys that appeared … Continue reading Limited Service

Extremis malis extrema remedia

Nigel got out of the car, staggering already at ten in the morning with a cardboard box under his arm. The orange juice was thick and bitter on Natalie's tongue. She blinked, slow and heavy, swaying as she watched him open the door. He angered her so quickly, the difference between amicable and angry was … Continue reading Extremis malis extrema remedia