Like Dog Bites

    Preston rolled his shoulders back, stuck his chest out as he looked at the crowd. When the mayor handed him the key to the city, there were a few boos from people but nothing more. Preston's security flanked him either side like pillars but these were events where he felt fragile. Hundreds of … Continue reading Like Dog Bites


Good Dog

  All dogs have a Buddha Mind so you've Barked your last mantra And intellectually As comforting as it is, You've transcended Your suffering, It doesn't make the Silence when I walk into My old house any easier To bear, old friend, And the paths we walked Night and day, Will miss us both, But … Continue reading Good Dog

Chasing Crisp

Crisp ran before I could put his lead on, his fur slick against my fingers, sprinting towards the back fence we never repaired. Its coarse, treated texture now looked like something infected. With his canine instinct for causing me upset, he went through the gap and out onto the field. Leo had not wanted him … Continue reading Chasing Crisp

Wet Dog

The pair of them sat in the flat, candles burning because they couldn't shift anything until the morning and they had used the emergency on the meter a few days ago. The laptop had a password on it, but they used it's glowing screen to provide further illumination. Iain sat slumped against the wall, his … Continue reading Wet Dog

The Walk

He did not know he was the topic of disparate bursts of conversation. Walking his dog, shaved head swathed in headphones, eyes red with tears and smoking fiercely made him stand out. He made the effort to smile whenever he caught someone's eye. Dogs made you gregarious by nature, and he understood, even welcomed the … Continue reading The Walk

canine gravity

Stroking his scars Head on my lap As his carrion breath Warms my thigh His simplicity Has always been constant Through broken times He's borne witness to the worst My angry tears when the pain Was so great that only loneliness Soothed and i could not articulate it To anything more conscious Than trees and … Continue reading canine gravity