Hey Kitty — Sara in LaLaLand

The divine feminine captured ably. Hey kitty, what are you doing there? I see you concentrating on your stare Sprawled out, manner nonchalant A kitty that goes wherever he wants Soaking up the sun Having kitty fun You’re so cute Laying there mute Minding your own business Displaying your wiseness Looking out at the world … Continue reading Hey Kitty — Sara in LaLaLand


Dormant on first approach But beneath, Surging and boiling, Immense pressure Heat coming through The earth in waves,   Pressures of control Holding the destruction at bay, A volcano does not disclose Its eruption Seen as destructive, Geological weaknesses Turning everything to ashes, But it is a thing of power, Harnessed and the tongues of … Continue reading Volcano

Let Me

Let me wipe your tears, bring all your sorrows out. Let me command your demons to walk away, kick your sadness on a couch. Let me kiss your scars, heal your cracks with my love. Let me rock your soul, touch your inner being. shake your spirit and wake you up. via Let Me #Poetry — … Continue reading Let Me


We see the Spark of the divine Within one another The clarity of vision Honed to a fine point Cuts away the dead Flesh But see where my sins Stain my skin Less than some More than others But I turn Show you and tell You I no longer walk In such stretches of Shadow. … Continue reading Equation


I untie the knot Of you with  Warm, callused fingers Smoothe  away  The ache with a  Knowing  Caress Kissing like We are one another's air Taking such pleasure In simple, primal Communion Heal your wounds With my presence Offer the gift of myself And see how the years Would make me Shine with values Immediate … Continue reading Knot