Jenny as a cloud.

Ellie had missed four calls from Jenny. The afternoon had been a gauntlet of customers, each armed with their own set of complaints, which Ellie handled with a grim politeness. The efforts to maintain it drained her, and she still had the kids to deal with, let alone Jenny. She let each call drift into … Continue reading Jenny as a cloud.


An appropriate manner of ending

Should the breath In my lungs grow Too clotted If my blood grows torpid Fetid to look upon Too sick of life To pretend empty Isn't better And rather than pretend The end isn't inevitable But my disdain is reserved for The thought I won't choose Some stronger way to pass

Out With A Bang

It took a lot more planning than Sergei anticipated. He could get large amounts of h, coke, mdma, weed with a phone call but this stuff necessitated a little more care than normal. The girls took less time to arrange, one phone call and a card payment that he was gently assured would be billed … Continue reading Out With A Bang

The Walk

He did not know he was the topic of disparate bursts of conversation. Walking his dog, shaved head swathed in headphones, eyes red with tears and smoking fiercely made him stand out. He made the effort to smile whenever he caught someone's eye. Dogs made you gregarious by nature, and he understood, even welcomed the … Continue reading The Walk

This Will All Work Out

John stood there, greeted every mourner with a clasp of both of his thick, gnarled hands and a short phrase or two. He looked smaller than she remembered, but there was still that measure of majesty to him. A divinity that he would reject at every turn. His blonde hair had gone white, then had … Continue reading This Will All Work Out

Gary Bear and Holly Boo IDSTL

Holly had gotten into the habit of hanging around after class had finished. She would have to politely shoo off the more earnest students, who would offer to help her clear up the classroom, but mostly she would find a small measure of peace when the cries and shouts of the children were at a … Continue reading Gary Bear and Holly Boo IDSTL