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Beneath An Open Sky, We Dance


Skies open

Brilliant with light

True as anything

You’ve known

Dancing beneath as we

Grace one another 



Rushing through

Pores and veins

Magical in it’s intensity

Huge in it’s intention

Mutual kindness continuing


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The jukebox

The bartender wants
To go home
So do I
But we’ve got
Different reasons
And as you dance
You’re making
A compelling

You call me
My breath
As tight with embarrassment
As desire
But you put my hands
On your hips
And I just
Go with it
Hips like a
Snake across sand
The night is not young
But I will
Keep you awake
Past dawn

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Sunday and I have the jukebox, you just dance and I’ll enjoy the view

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Tennessee Wine/Drink You Away

Caught this when they broadcast the CMAs here in the UK. The two halves were a superlative whole, and no, I’m not apologising. Country music is wine, women, heartache and love. I tend to lean towards the earlier, more bluesy primitive stuff but this was wonderful.

I like Justin Timberlake, he does interesting things and here’s another of my favourite tunes, the most fruitful of his collaboration with Timbaland.

The dance sequence where he tears her tights away is a lovely bit of choreography. Modern dance has done some wonderful things to express the polarity of sexuality within it.

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Saturday Night Playlist(NSFW)


Water Fountain

I love this song. Somewhere between playground rhyme and avant garde, but accessible and elegant.