Photo by Thought Catalog on ‘If we lived in a world where women were murdering men en masse and men genuinely had reason to fear they might be murdered in their beds by a gang of marauding feminists, I would agree with your concern,’Clementine Ford.We found it hiding underneath the bleachers.  Anita had gotten … Continue reading Chickens

Raise your shield high

Silence has a weight Texture A rock worn smooth By time A delicacy as raw silk Sliding over my rough, dark hands Inside, The screams - outrage, pain disguised As signals of virtue I stand askance My path takes me through These places Once walled gardens of enthused discourse Now the flowers drip blood I … Continue reading Raise your shield high

A Quiet Invasion

We sit over coffee She looks at me wide-eyed Tells me that New York is an alien city I laugh, nervous, Afraid to ask if she's stopped Taking the pills But she smiles, almost nervous Hear me out Please? Her use of the word is a songbird at dawn to me. In love with her … Continue reading A Quiet Invasion

The Dogs of Littlefield by Suzanne Berne

Synopsis: Littlefield, Massachusetts, named one of the Ten Best Places to Live in America, full of psychologists and college professors, is proud of its fine schools, its girls' soccer teams, its leafy streets and quaint village centre. Yet no sooner has sociologist Dr Clarice Watkins arrived in Littlefield to study the elements of 'good quality … Continue reading The Dogs of Littlefield by Suzanne Berne

Prince: Inside The Music and The Masks by Ronin Ro

Synopsis: In his three decades-long of recording, Prince has had nearly thirty albums hit the Billboard Top 100. He is the only artist since the Beatles to have a number one song, movie, and single at the same time. Prince's trajectory―from a teenage unknown in Minneapolis to an idol and Rock and Roll Hall of … Continue reading Prince: Inside The Music and The Masks by Ronin Ro

Trigger Warning by Mick Hume

Synopsis: In this blistering polemic, veteran journalist Mick Hume presents an uncompromising defence of freedom of expression, which he argues is threatened in the West, not by jackbooted censorship but by a creeping culture of conformism and You-Can’t-Say-That. The cold-blooded murder of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists in January 2015 brought a deadly focus to the … Continue reading Trigger Warning by Mick Hume