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Is now live. It is designed for writers who face resistance in completing work or overcoming barriers. Right now it is free to sign up, so what are you waiting for?


Is it time? A desire to write perfectly? You're too tired? You feel self-conscious With my experience and insights, I can help you move past whatever barriers are in front of you. My books represent the outcomes but now I am offering the opportunity to develop and maintain a process which will allow you to … Continue reading WHAT STOPS YOU FROM WRITING?

Welcome once again

The website has been updated with new sections and a cleaner look. Please have a look around, I'm really proud of it. Thanks to Reece for such fantastic work.

Systems Over Goals(Writing Advice)

Another excerpt. I would value your comments and feedback. The goal is a book, a story.  Goals are admirable, essential as they lead to achievements. You are here to achieve your goals,. The path to getting there, not only once, but as many times as you need, takes action but also a degree of self … Continue reading Systems Over Goals(Writing Advice)

Writing Despite Inspiration

(This is an excerpt from something I have been working on) WORKING DESPITE INSPIRATION. By having a system of writing, and favouring it over a goal, you will avoid a lot of pitfalls in producing written work. One of them being the natural sensation of not ‘feeling inspired’ as an excuse not to write.  A … Continue reading Writing Despite Inspiration

Writing Update

I am 3k into the next Ron Brandywood book. Different setting, old wounds which won't heal and more madness. I'm looking forward to sharing it with you all, and the Lightning Thesaurus, beforehand.