A Sparrow’s Song

Loviisa held the rifle to arms, narrowed her eyes to focus on the deer in her sights. The glare of the sunlight made her head hurt, but she went away inside herself, to the cool perfect zero that enveloped her in the moment before she pulled the trigger. She had learned to find comfort in … Continue reading A Sparrow’s Song


Animal Vs Angel

When the black eyed angel folds it's wings Around me, I would tear them, Root and stem Unmanned, and in my divine rage Dash it's ugly skull into the concrete It is not an action fuelled by violence In the palace of my skull Wanders an animal And it knows not love nor hate But … Continue reading Animal Vs Angel

The Sound of Running Water

Asra ran. She heard the thump of hooves behind her. She checked the glaive was strapped to her back and focussed on her breathing. She had sheathed her scimitar in order to focus on making as much distance as possible between her and the Sisters coming after her. The branches and leaves crunched beneath her … Continue reading The Sound of Running Water


You could have never had me I wonder what life you might have had My drive is borrowed from you In the worst moments I thought about how it would hurt you and I kept going I never tell you Because I have always wanted To have you think of me As brave But even … Continue reading mother