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Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere 04.02.2015

Today was fun. Although I do talk about the work aspect of writing, there’s a pleasure to be had from the simple act of writing. Think of it as a gift to yourself.

When I see people online who complain about a major piece of corporate entertainment not representing them, I empathise because being a white male, I’m pretty much in everything.

Not me personally, although I’m not bitter about my cameo in 50 Shades of Grey being cut, although the lawsuit is problematic.  Still if you shout ” he makes the maid wash his sex toys, run you silly girl, run” then you best prepare to pay the iron price.

Hey a 50 Shades of Grey and Game of Thrones reference in one paragraph, but I digress.

My point, and there is one, make the art that features you. If you’re not seeing romances between different ethnicities or abilities, write it. Even if it sucks the first time out, keep going. Talk about it and get it funded if you have to. If you want to see yourself in the art you enjoy, don’t ask Joss Whedon to make it for you, make it yourself.

Anyway, I have started writing a confrontation where I hope to show John seeking redress for a previous assault/insult through his confidence and understanding of people. Which is how I’ve avoided being punched in the past.

The crying helps too, I’m sure. Fetal position fu, yo.

Actually it probably helps that I have a shaved head, big shoulders and hands, and I can make eye contact plus I am quite softly spoken but a deep voice. If you want peace, be a peaceful person.

I just went dating profile, but I’m used to being sexually objectified by my followers. If by used, you mean ‘hoping desperately’

I had fun today with the two pages, I hope that you have the same because although I am all about getting the work done, it’s still a thing of joy isn’t it? Akin to magic, because you can reach someone you’ve never met with words in the right order.

It might be gauche but I passed the 500 follower mark yesterday, which is touching. It isn’t touching because touching 500 people is probably tiring and opens me up to legal action with some of you.

Although hugs are good, yeah? Or we can just shake hands.

Thank you for reading these posts. If there’s anything that you’ve liked or commented on, then thank you again. For a simple blog that’s mainly a writing diary with poems and the odd session on craft, it’s been a pleasant experience. It’s good to have something to talk about. You know what you are getting with me, for the most part on here.

You’re not alone, you know. There is a whole world waiting to read what you’ve written and see what you’ve drawn or photographed or filmed. The universe isn’t made up of atoms, it’s stories and I wait for yours.