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These Walls


These walls

Pulse with intention



Wondrous fever dreaming

Borne into being

Stroked by my

Rough, gentle fingers

Sheets clenched in your fists

Your eyes blaze

Divine under my attentions

No prohibition beyond my command

Supine as you become full, my vessel

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Take Care

That restlessness

A sharp toothed anxiety

Politely voiced and mitigated

As a vague sense

Of being lost in familiar circumstances

And the dull eyed men before

Ignore or dismiss it

But I know

That the rough handed application

Of my authority is

A prescription without signature

A quiet certainty to my touch



High walls to keep out

The wailing ghosts

Here, I offer


Space and something strong

To thrash against

A violence of thought

Afloat in the thick cream

Of your desires

In my hands, your perfume

Rising in the air

Bracing against the sting

Come at me with everything

And I will be unmoved

Kicking and writhing

As you seize your pleasure

A pirate queen

Setting the rotten wood of neuroses


In your surrender, a different melodic

Beauty emerges

That only I see

Ushered forth

You’ve been such a

Bad girl, haven’t you

And I am here

To take care of that

A care taken

To bring forth the violent brilliance

Of your desire


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A warm command

Warm palms

Pressed against cool wall

Pacifying hand against

The nape of your neck

My commanding whisper

Hold still,

I have this

My fingers dancing

Up your spine

Open your thighs and lift

Calling the kundalini

Beckoned with knowing

Fingers that draw upwards

Hold still

Failure to obey

Will be met with


Oh how I will

Test you

And I am swift

To punish

Slow to reward

A subtle dominion

And paradise

Ushers you in

On a warm, beckoning


You look so


Having stepped across

Surrender’s threshold

And all your decisions




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Ask me

by the gift of
As rich as velvet
My harsh
Hard touch
Finds you
Open to me
My eyes appear
Cold but
You can feel
The hunger
In my fingers
Using you
Demanding the
Of your pleasure
But even as I
Tease that sweet fire
I whisper
That you must ask
For the release
And maybe
I’ll give you
But oh how
You ripen and swell
At the possibility
That I
Might not