“For me, I am d…

“For me, I am driven by two main philosophies: know more today about the world than I knew yesterday and lessen the suffering of others. You'd be surprised how far that gets you.” ― Neil deGrasse TysonThere's a compassion in making art of any kind. It does lessen the suffering of others, because if they … Continue reading “For me, I am d…


The Normal Heart

I watched this with my daughter, who is a big fan of Ryan Murphy. I am ambivalent about him, early Glee was delightfully acerbic in it's earlier seasons before it devolved into a dayglo concoction that lacked the self awareness of earlier episodes. I think Mark Ruffalo is brilliant and thought it was an interesting … Continue reading The Normal Heart

On Being A Man

 I am rarely made to feel uncomfortable by anyone of any gender, and I am aware of this as I go through life. It doesn't make me dismissive, I have women in my life and I loathe the idea of someone violating their space or diminishing them in any way at all. If it comes across … Continue reading On Being A Man

Elliot Rodger

The video speaks of an immature narcissism that no amount of privilege could insulate him from. His actions were not capable or brave, this was not a warrior waging war, this was someone whose pathology found terrible purpose and now, in death, he has attention and his face is everywhere. There are seldom news stories … Continue reading Elliot Rodger


Immaturity is like carbon monoxide, invisible and omnipresent. I have suffered from it, still do unless I have done the conscious work of being present in mature masculinity. In my view, it is the root cause of much of feminist criticism of men, and once you can get past your reflex, you can relax and … Continue reading Immaturity